All on 4 dental implants explained

If you wear dentures, you need to know about All on 4 dental implants, an implant dentistry breakthrough that greatly improves on conventional dentures. If you are missing a few or all of your teeth, All on 4 implants are an excellent alternative for you. The procedure is similar to the basic method of placing single oral implants. All on 4 implants, however, are specifically created to be a better option than receiving several individual implants.

Using All on 4 implants frees the patients to leave behind their irritating, loose dentures. What they gain is a smile solution that offers unmatched function and aesthetic appeal. All on 4 implants are much more lifelike compared to traditional dentures. They can be constructed from porcelain, which makes them nearly indistinguishable from real teeth.

Installation is relatively simple. Like individual oral implants, the All on 4 treatment begins with the insertion of titanium posts into the jaw. Significantly, as the name implies, just four posts are required along with a metal bar that links them. As soon as the posts have effectively merged with the bone, an entire custom-made arc of replacement teeth are attached to the bar. The attachment can only be taken out by Dr. Harrell.

Whether your issue is missing teeth or cumbersome, ill-fitting dentures, having an All on 4 dental implant installed is definitely something you should consider. my dentist has a great deal of experience in this area and is excited to help you put your dentures away for good.